Lyudmila…who stood against the spoils of Fascism

Today, let’s commemorate birth anniversary of a brilliant lady who stood against the spoils of Fascism.  

The world will always love to remember Miss Lyudmila Pavlichenko (12 July, 1916- 27 October, 1974), for all time to come, as 300 Nazis fell by her gun, during the World War II.

As a sniper fighting was her game.  “The only feeling I have is the great satisfaction a hunter feels who has killed a beast of prey…. I wear my uniform with honour. It has the Order of Lenin on it. It has been covered with blood in battle,” she once said of her job.

The Soviet Union honoured her with multiple medals and two postage stamps. A joint Ukrainian-Russian feature film, Battle for Sevastopol, was made about her in 2015, and her memoirs, ‘Lady Death: The Memoirs of Stalin’s Sniper’, was published in English for the first time earlier this year.Taking a lead from Miss Pavlichenko, we need to fight and demolish the new ‘avtars’ of nationalism, based on a ‘politico-religious patriotism’.

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