Justin Trudeau’s Empty Promises Hurt Canadian Seniors

OTTAWA – Today, Justin Trudeau is talking about seniors. But his record shows that once again it’s just more pretty words.

Justin Trudeau has refused to help seniors left in the lurch when their former companies go bankrupt. Last year, when Sears Canada went bankrupt, 18,000 retirees were left with a devastating 30% pension cut. Trudeau’s refusal to put pensioners at the front of the line left retired people in their seventies trying to find jobs because they couldn’t make ends meet.

When it comes to dental health, seniors in Canada are 40% less likely to have dental care coverage than anyone else — many avoid seeing a dentist because of the cost and yet, Justin Trudeau has refused to act.

On prescription drugs it’s the same story – many seniors are skipping doses or avoid filling their prescriptions because of the cost. Instead of taking action, once again Justin Trudeau refused to act after meeting with lobbyists for big pharma and insurance companies 875 times.

At election time, Justin Trudeau gives us pretty words. But then after the election he gives tax breaks to the rich instead of doing the right thing for seniors.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:
“Seniors have been let down by Justin Trudeau, and they don’t need any more empty promises. Our plan will deliver on what matters most to our seniors. We’ll protect pensions, provide historic expansions in dental care and pharma care and invest in housing to build 500,000 affordable housing units. Seniors can rely on the NDP to make better choices to be ready to meet their needs and ensure everyone can age with dignity.”

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